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International Puppet Underground Film Festival

Calling all Saskatchewan puppetientists! The Filmpool’s first International Puppet Underground Film Festival (IPUFF) is planning a puppet coup d’état of Regina in April 2013! Whether your live action puppet films were completed as part of the Filmpool’s This Big World series or as independent projects, if your live-action puppetfilm was made in Saskatchewan, we want to screen it on opening night, and exhibit your puppets and sets at the Dunlop Art Gallery throughout the festival. Evening two of the festival will feature screenings of international puppetfilms from Heather Hensen’s Handmade Puppet Dreams collection, as well as selected films from the International Festival of Animated Objects in Calgary. If you would like your work to be part of Saskatchewan’s first International Puppet Underground Film Festival, please let us know right away! Completed films are not due until January 15, 2013, but if you plan to submit, we do need to hear from you as soon as possible!


October 20, 2012: Letter of Intent (Click here for details) January 15, 2013: Completed films, puppets, props and sets

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