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Jaimz Asmundson’s Screening & Artist Talk

On May 1st, Winnipeg filmmaker Jaimz Asmundson was at the Filmpool to present a selection of his visually stunning films. The night included a couple super 8 films he had shot as part of One Take Super 8 events; including a very successful comedy entitled, Goths! On the Bus!, in which a couple goths ride the bus to the mall to get new lipstick!

Jaimz got up afterwards and spoke a bit about his films and the opportunities that the WNDX Festival of Moving Image provides to all prairie filmmakers.

Jaimz spoke a bit about his working relationship with his father, C. Graham Asmundson, who he features in his film, The Magus; in which Jaimz documents his father’s body of work over a six-month period. Jaimz mentioned in his talk that his father is a very solitary artist, so it was a treat to be able to showcase his art work to an audience.

My personal favourite was a 90 second short, Do the Blubb, featuring an interview of a German filmmaker who Jaimz had met during his residency in Cologne, Germany. In it the German lady samples an excerpt of something she calls The Blubb, which can only be described as a musical performance of a lifetime!

Speaking of musical performances, after the screening the audience was invited to head over to O’Hanlons for a live performance of Jaimz’s band, Ghost Twin. After being slightly delayed due to some fire marshals showing up for a random inspection, Ghost Twin finally took to the stage and gave a killer performance.

The night as a whole was jam packed with entertaining fun! Huge thank you to Jaimz Asmundson for providing us with this unique screening opportunity. – Thanks Jaimz!

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