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On November 3, 1996, I saw Dianne’s first film, “Srassha”. It appears from my inscrutable notes that I watched a 16mm print of the film at the Filmpool and jotted down more than the usual number of words to remember it by. I had known of Dianne before that, she was involved with the Filmpool,and had already curated me into the springtime Cathedral Village Screening Under the Stars event, and I must have met her prior to, or during the screening of this film, as implied by the list references noted. I am curious to read my struggle to contextualize her film within various avant garde traditions. “Srassha” continues to be an obtuse fit withing her body of work, it’s soundtrack being off-putting and unwelcoming. That said, while Dianne continues to be elusive, creating films which reflect her own interests and unconventional visual style, they do in fact embrace and engulf their audiences with their unique form of experimental documentary.

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