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TeleFilm Micro-Budget Production Program 2016-2017

Telefilm Canada has released its new 2016 – 2017 Micro-Budget Production Program and the Filmpool is excited to announce that it is again a partner! Previously successful Program applicants include Kelly Anne Riess’ “Finding Al” and the currently in production “Land of Rock & Gold” produced by Daniel Redenbach and Janine Windolph.

The program is designed for emerging filmmakers and provides financing for the development, production, digital distribution and promotion of a first feature-length film or other format of narrative-based audiovisual content made specifically for online distribution. Telefilm’s funding may contribute up to $127,500 for feature length films, and $112.500 for web projects.

Once completed, the projects must be made available to the public through one or more digital platforms (e.g. web portals, video portals such as YouTube or Netflix, video on demand, mobile platforms/devices, etc.).

Applications must be made through designated partners of the Telefilm Program, including current members of the Filmpool. Please contact Telefilm Canada or the Filmpool for more information.

As a designated partner, the Filmpool may recommend one project to TeleFilm Canada for consideration.

Applications to the Filmpool must include the following elements:

  1. a video pitch of maximum 5 minutes

  2. a trailer of the project, if available;

  3. a link to previous work, if available;

  4. a written synopsis of the project including a description of the creative team’s vision;

  5.  a production schedule (from pre-production to digital release);

  6. total budget amount of the project including the amount allocated for the promotion and distribution of the project;

  7. any other information that sets this project apart (eg: successful crowdfunding campaign, confirmed cameo by a well-known actor, established fan base on social media).

To submit your application, please email the required documents (PDFs only please) and links to your video pitch, trailer and support material to

Overview of the main changes to the Program:

  1. Web-content is now an eligible format. These projects from first-time web-content creators must be narrative-based projects specifically created for online distribution and comprised of one or more segments which, in total, are between 10 and 74 minutes in length.

  2. Telefilm has increased its financial contribution by $7,500 per selected project. This additional amount is to be used to cover the cost of a digital marketing and social media expert.

  3. At least 15% of Telefilm’s contribution (excluding the digital expert contribution) must be allocated to promotion and distribution expenses.

  4. All funded projects must be made available, by no later than 18 months after completion, on the Telefilm Canada channel which will be featured the National Film Board of Canada’s paid streaming platform.

The program is comprised of three different components:

  1. Main component

  2. Aboriginal component

  3. Official-Language Minority Communities (OLMC) component

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