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Terrance Odette ARTIST TALK

On April 11th at the RPL Film theatre, award-winning feature-filmmaker Terrance Odette spoke to an audience about what it takes to make a Canadian feature film. Fascinated with the Neorealism genre and such films as The 400 Blows, Terrance set out to create stories structured in a similar way. Enthused by the simplicity of the journey film, where a single character is sent on a journey,  Terrance set out to shoot his first feature on a mishmash of 35mm film ends that he had been saving in his freezer. With a budget of only $350,000 he was able to create Heater, which went on to win Best Screenplay & Best Director at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Terrance has had much success in his feature filmmaking career, and we were very lucky to get the chance to hear him speak about how he gotten to where he is now.  – Thanks Terrance!

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