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Video Pool Talk at the Filmpool


Video Pool Talk

Join us 7pm Tues. Oct. 8th, 2013 at the Filmpool (301-1822 Scarth st) to hear all about what this centre has to offer independent filmmakers.

This is a free event open to both members and non-members.

Video Pool Media Arts Centre’s Distribution Centre will present information on what it means to have an independent distributor, what Video Pool offers to the artist they distribute, and the best ways to work with a distributor in another city.

Artists are encouraged to bring their work with them to submit to the Distributor, and come prepared with questions that you may have always wanted to ask about distributing work.

Video Pool Media Arts Centre is a non-profit artist-run organization dedicated to advancing the discipline of media art by providing media artists, non-profit organizations and community groups with access to professional video and media equipment, training, distribution and programming.

About Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is a Curator and Arts Professional from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She has worked at Video Pool Media Arts Centre for a year and a half as the Distribution Coordinator, and previously worked at the Winnipeg Film Group as the Distribution Assistant.  Jennifer spends most of her time advocating for artists getting paid fairly for their work and the rest of her time preserving and caring for Video Pool’s historic collection.

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