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WORK FLOW: Workshop with Tim Thurmeier

You’ve got your film shot! Production is wrapped! Now to deal with the mountain of SD cards and SSD drives and terabytes worth of files. Save yourself time and headaches in the editing suite with an efficient and effective digital workflow. Workflow: Before & After the Edit is a two-part Filmpool workshop to help you understand and manage the post-production process before and after the editing itself.

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Workflow: Before the Edit will help you understand all the work that goes into an edit before a clip is ever added to a sequence. From a short to a feature, working alone or with an editor, the workshop will aid you in making sure you have the right hardware, the proper settings, and an organized digital workspace so that when it’s time to cut, you can focus on the edit, and not on fixing errors or finding files.

Workflow: After the Edit will demystify the process of getting your cut out of the editing software, and into the hands of whoever needs it: the colourist, the sound engineer, the projectionist, or your Vimeo account. What containers and codecs are good for what situations? The workshop will help you understand exactly what all of the export settings mean, and how they affect the quality and file size of your output file.

Saturday, October 20th

Filmpool Office

Before the Edit: 9:30a – 12:30p

Lunch Break: 12:30p – 1:30p (lunch provided by the Filmpool)

After the Edit: 1:30p – 4:30p

Tickets: Member

Either/Or: $15

Both: $20

Tickets: Non-member

Either/Or: $25

Both: $40

Please note: Prices on Picatic are FULL, NON-MEMBER price. For discounted member rate, please contact for promo code.

Tim Thurmeier

“With over a decade of experience as a video editor, Tim has worked on everything from feature films (SuperGrid, Adventure Club, Welcome to Nowhere) to television and corporate videos.”

Before the Edit Talking Points:

l Drive Management

   l Size

l Format

l Read/Write Speed

l File structure

l Back-ups

l Ingest & Settings

l Bin Structure

l Clip Organization

l Sequence Settings

l Aspect Ratio

l Resolution

l Frame Rate / Dealing with multiple frame rates

After the Edit Talking Points:

l Containers & Codecs

l Export Settings

l Deliverables for post colour / post sound

l After post colour & sound

l Broadcast multi-channel audio

l Project archival

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