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46th Anniversary Celebration + Member Monday

Join us this month at the Filmpool Office for a dip into our archives to celebrate our 46th Anniversary 🍰 We will be screening Dianne Ouellette's 2003 film, Dizzy Lizzy, along with a behind the scenes episode from Splice TV, a fun time capsule from the early 2000s, originally aired on Access 7. Screening starts at 6pm, cake & fun at 7pm. We will also be doing in-person membership renewals 🔥 Anyone who renews in person will get a Filmpool shirt ++ short and long sleeve available. As always, open to both members, and anyone curious about the Filmpool 🦋 Hope to see you there! 🧚


Elizabeth is a girl who sees fairies. This makes her something of a pariah with the neighbourhood kids – especially a bully named Albert Collins. Her problems are increased by the fact that every fairy she “rescues” turns up dead.


Genre: Drama

Length: 10 minutes

Original Format: 16mm

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