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48 Hour Film Frenzy

Join us on the last weekend of June for this year's 48 Hour Film Frenzy 🔥 Join one of the three groups who will write, shoot, and develop a 4-minute short film using black & white 16mm film stock over one frenzied weekend. Friday evening will kick off with a Bolex 101 workshop covering camera basics, operation, analogue film specifics, as well as how to develop 16mm Black & White film with filmmaker Matt Ripplinger. Participants will come away with a finished film and solid know-how around analog film shooting, developing & editing. 

At the end of the weekend, all film will be sent away to Montreal for scanning. Once the digital file is returned, participants will have 2 additional hours to complete their editing.

Later this summer we will have a film showing at the RPL Film Theatre, in conjunction with their digital version of the 48 Hour Film Frenzy for the big screen premiere of your work.

70$ members

90$ non-members

350$ / team, up to 5 members

Can't wait!


Matthew Ripplinger is a filmmaker based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  His work is primarily created using analog film manipulation techniques.  In 2019, he completed his BFA in Film Production at the University of Regina.  His current film work and research resides in the alchemical aspect, using homemade emulsion, optical printing and colour separation.  His artist practices span from film to photography, printmaking, and light-based installation work.  Matt’s film Sir Bailey (2018) has been screened in festivals internationally including Edinburgh International Film Festival (Scotland), Antimatter [Media Art] (Victoria, BC), MIRE Prisme (Nantes, France), Fracto Film Encounter (Berlin, Germany), Film Festival PROCESS (Riga, Latvia), Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF),  Los Angeles Cine Fest, and others.

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