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Screening Under the Steeple CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

Deadline:  April 25th, 2014

We are currently looking for Family-Friendly films, created by current Filmpool Members, to be screened as part of this year’s Screening Under the Steeple (Friday May 23rd, 2014). Preference will be given to films fitting the overlying theme of Sublime, Mystery, Intrigue, Dreams, Memories & Recalling.

Filmpool Members must renew their membership to be eligible to submit.  If you act fast (by April 7th, 2014) you can qualify for the Membership Renewal Special and save $25 on Full Membership!

To submit please email with the following information:

Title of the email:  SUTS Submission – Your Name 1. Filmmaker’s Name 2. Film Title 3. Film Length 4. 20 word Artist Bio 5. 20 word Synopsis 6. Submission Format (FTP Server, Dropbox, or USB stick) 7. Film Still 8. A declaration stating that you have updated your Filmpool Membership

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