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Congratulations to our Telefilm’s Talent to Watch Program Recommendations!

The Talent to Watch Program – Funding of First Feature Films and Web Projects from Emerging Filmmakers aims to support emerging filmmakers, accelerate their career development, and to allow them to develop an expertise in digital marketing and promotion of audiovisual projects. The Filmpool as a Telefilm partner selected from submissions our recommendations.


Terminal Life by Tim Thurmeier – selection for Features component

Hainsley by Aaron Sinclair – selection for Web-series component

“Betrayed and abandoned by her creators, a Synthetic human and her AI caretaker get caught up in a plot that threatens all synthetic life in the galaxy.”

Tim Thurmeier – Writer/Director

Crystal Van Pelt – Producer


“Down with the patriarchy…after prom.”

Aaron Sinclair – Writer/Director

Sherona Sinclair – Producer

Congratulations and Good luck as you  move on towards the next stage of this very competitive, national competition!

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