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<em>Going South</em> & <em>Twice Taken</em> to start production next week

Two Filmpool supported projects are going into production next week! Filmmakers Jeff Moneo and Cory MacLean applied for the Filmmakers’ Production Assistance Program in the spring of 2012 and were successful in attaining financial support and equipment rental deferral.

Cory MacLean [YouTube, Vimeo] will be shooting Twice Taken.

Jeff Moneo [Vimeo] will be shooting Going South, the story of Martha Barlow, a prairie wild child looking for a way out. Miles from nowhere, with seemingly no one paying attention, Martha finds herself disaffected and alone. Her horse has just been sold, the local boys don’t interest her, and her home life is a freak show. Her father, Stan, is a heavy drinker who cares more about betting on horses than taking care of his daughter. Much the like the female protagonists in Smooth Talk and Bonnie and Clyde, Martha’s been waiting for the opportunity to escape her rural despair. When the mysterious Donovan arrives on her farm unannounced, she finally gets her chance.

If you would like to help this artist, Jeff has an Indiegogo program running.

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