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Filmpool Members Matthieu Belanger and Matt Yim Launch Crowd Funding for Basic Human Needs 


Basic Human Needs has been selected as the Indiewire Project of the Day, which means we have a chance to be the project of the week! You can help make this a reality by voting for the film here and by sharing the link with others.

 Voting ends June 8th at 5PM Eastern, so get your vote in as soon as you can.


My name is Matthieu Belanger, and I am a former summer student/current member of the Saskatchewan Filmpool. Since graduating from the University of Regina in 2013, the Filmpool has been a huge support in my filmmaking endeavors. Myself and fellow Filmpool member Matt Yim received help on our previous short film This Hucksters Paradise, and the project would have not been possible without the support of the Filmpool. We are excited to announce our next project will be our first feature film, Basic Human Needs. We have just launched our crowd funding campaign, which you can find here.

Basic Human Needs is self-deprecating feature length comedy, that explores the different relationships a young couple have with themselves, their family, and the city they live in. The film follows Miles and Audrey, recent university graduates whose intelligence and emotional sensitivity can’t make up for their debilitating lack of ambition. Although they claim to have plans of moving away — from Regina to either Toronto, Montreal, or any other city that might intrigue them on a particular day — they do nothing proactive to get there. Instead, they remain fixated on their own fantasies of an ideal grown up life; that is, until adulthood is abruptly thrust upon them over the course of one life-altering week. You can listen to us talk about the film on CBC’s Morning Editionhere.

Basic Human Needs was lucky enough to be selected as the Saskatchewan representative for the inaugural Indiecan 10K Challenge . The initiative, which is being hosted by producer Avi Federgreen (Still Mine, One Week) and Indiecan Entertainment, is challenging filmmaking teams from across Canada to produce and finish their first feature film for under $10,000. All of the Indiecan 10K films must be finished by December 31, 2014.

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