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Launch Youth Performance Festival May 4-6

Tonight! Launch Youth Performance Festival May 4-6

LAUNCH @ Artesian: FEATURING Globe Evolution I+II and Scripted ensembles and Saskatchewan Filmpool Cine-class projects.

$15 adult $10 youth (12 & under)


Artesian on 13th

Saskatchewan Filmpool presents: Cine-class

This dedicated Cine-class group worked together to create two short films that play with elements of deception. We imagined stories where characters were hiding something from each other and what might occur in the light of discovering the truth. Each student contributed to all phases of production in creating these projects including script writing, performing, camera operating and editing.


Olivia Epp Performer

Zoe Mazur Performer

Sahcia Mortin Performer

Belle Petrovitch Performer

Kobe Spinarski Performer

Mitch Doll Instructor

Alixx Davidson Assistant

The LAUNCH Festival would not be possible without the continued support of Artesian Presents, FadaDance, the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, and our technician, Mitch Doll.

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