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Light & Shadows: lighting workshop with Layton Burton


This weekend practical workshop will focus on the principles of effective lighting, including the styles of German Expressionism film.

The workshop will be instructed by Regina camera operator/DOP Layton Burton. With the support of Creative Saskatchewan we will be presenting the workshop at Sound Stage II.

The Light & Shadows workshop is part of the larger Caligari German Expressionism celebration. The Filmpool will have a call for film submissions and members may apply for equipment deferrals for your German Expressionism projects.

When: 12-4pm June 18 & 1-5pm June 19th, 2016

Where: The Sound Stage, 1831 College Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 4V5, Regina, SK, Canada

Light & Shadows two day workshop cost: $82 Filmpool Member price (save 25%): $65* Caligari deferral applicants can save an additional $10**

*Save 25%. Only $65.00 for Filmpool members. For member pricing please see the Dailies or contact

**Members who submit a Cinema of Dr. Caligari deferral application by June 17th will save an addition $10.00 on this workshop. contact for deferral information.

More About Layton:

Layton is a Director of Photography and camera operator with more than 30 years experience. He has worked on industry and independent films alike, productions like Corner Gas, Surveillance, Basic Human Needs and the upcoming Land of Rock & Gold. His passion for what he does shows through not only in his work, but in the way he talks about it as well. The Filmpool and our membership are lucky to have him lead this Light & Shadow workshop.

More About the Workshop:

The first day of the workshop will begin with a theoretical overview of German Expressionism as a cinematic movement, and it’s affect on Hollywood and genres like Film Noir. Layton will use real, contemporary examples to guide discussion, examples such as the Netflix series Daredevil, and movies by Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan; the cinematographers on these films and series aren’t afraid of the dark, and neither should you be.

The first day will also have an appearance by Peter LaRocque who has an extensive knowledge of lighting equipment and executing lighting designs.

The second day is all about hands on, practical learning. Setting up lights and using them effectively and creatively. Layton will guide participants in specific lighting setups, such as lighting for the interior of a car, or shooting a nighttime bedroom scene during the day. The focus, as it is in German expressionism, is in using darkness and shadow to your advantage as much as you use the light.

The second day will also have an appearance by Chroma Creative’s Jason Rister, and he and Layton will discuss the link between lighting on set and colouring in post.

Participants are welcomed and encouraged to bring their own cameras to the workshop to capture reference pictures. Layton will use the full extent of lighting and grip equipment that the Filmpool has and then some. It will be impossible to walk away from this workshop without new and impactful knowledge whether you’re a Director of Photography, a camera op, a Key Grip, a Best Boy or even a Producer!

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