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Making <em>Malignance</em> part I: pre-production

Malignance poster small


Hi there, My name is Matt Holland, and I have been a member of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative for about 6 years. I have recently graduated from the Film Department at the University of Regina in 2013.

Malignance animatic small

Concept model used to figure out lighting and framing

In my last semester of school I started working on a cabin-in-the-woods style horror film with my brother, Josh Holland. While Josh worked on refining the script, I worked on the visual style for the film by constructing a model of the cabin and manipulating a concept model to act out the entire film. I then photographed the subsequent actions. I thought this would be an interesting method of preparation because I could experiment with the visual elements like lighting and color before the shooting phase began.

I incorporated the visual preparation for Malignance into a project for a Visual Storytelling class instructed by Chrystene Ells. Chrystene taught me a number of ways to build intensity in the story through the images. The final result was turned into this animatic:

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