Making <em>Malignance</em> part I: pre-production


Hi there, My name is Matt Holland, and I have been a member of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative for about 6 years. I have recently graduated from the Film Department at the University of Regina in 2013.

Concept model used to figure out lighting and framing

In my last semester of school I started working on a cabin-in-the-woods style horror film with my brother, Josh Holland. While Josh worked on refining the script, I worked on the visual style for the film by constructing a model of the cabin and manipulating a concept model to act out the entire film. I then photographed the subsequent actions. I thought this would be an interesting method of preparation because I could experiment with the visual elements like lighting and color before the shooting phase began.

I incorporated the visual preparation for Malignance into a project for a Visual Storytelling class instructed by Chrystene Ells. Chrystene taught me a number of ways to build intensity in the story through the images. The final result was turned into this animatic:

(part II: Production and on set)

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