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One Take Super 8 Event 2016

The One Take Super 8 Event is back! Registration is now open; submit your entry form and payment before 4pm APRIL 22nd. There are 25 spots available in Saskatoon, and 25 in Regina.

Entry, as always, is first come, first in.

• $40 for b/w reversal

• $50 for colour

• $25 if you provide your own reversal stock.


• Tuesday April 22 4pm – registration deadline

• Tuesday May 17 4pm – shot films must be returned to Filmpool

• Wednesday June 8 – Saskatoon screening at the Roxy Theatre

• Thursday June 9 – Regina screening at the RPL Film Theatre

No experience is necessary! This is a fun filmmaking and screening event for people of all levels. No editing, and no seeing your film until they are screened in front of the audience with all of the other films in June.

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