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SaskShot Wrap-up & Honourable Mention: Photo Editing

We’ve made it! We’ve come to the end! The last reveal of the honourable mentions in the SaskShot photo contest. By process of elimination I’m sure you’ve already deduced that today’s reveal is in the photo editing category. Let’s take a look at the pictures, by photographer Suzy Bourque:

The Original: (click for full res version)

The Final Edited Version: (click for full res version)

So that wraps ‘er all up, as far as the sneak peeks go. Nothing left but the big Splice magazine reveal of the category winners. The magazine has been put together, everything is in place, it’s about ready to go to print, so expect to see the issue in your hands in early January, and we’ll finally get to see the winners of 2015’s SaskShot photo contest!

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