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Splice Magazine Call for Winter Pitches

❄️ Splice Magazine Call for Pitches ❄️

Splice Winter Issue - Pitches Due January 19, 2024

What is Saskatchewan / Treaty 4 / Great Plains cinema, film and moving image? What is this place about? What is happening here? Manifestos and opinion pieces are welcome for this issue.

  • Looking for pitches that respond to:

    • How do we define independent film? What independent film is being made in Saskatchewan?

      • What’s the criteria that qualifies a production as local? What’s your definition of commercial or not commercial? How do we fit a wide variety of different times of films/moving images as a part of our identity here?

      • How does the Filmpool fit into this?

      • How does Splice fit in?

  • Funding - how does funding impact moving image production here in this area? Creative SK, Sk Arts. Does funding help? What else do we need to encourage film and moving image?

  • What makes the moving image here different from other places? Why are we not Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton?

  • Write-ups about events (in Saskatoon, Regina, other cities and venues in the area)

  • What events are happening/coming up?

  • What events have been really great in the past that you feel like define ‘the scene’ here. Are we missing events? Did things change? Are the events happening or not happening? Did something change and we need to revisit or revise?

  • What filmmakers do you think have been contributing to the history, the present, and the future? Whose voices have been heard, whose voices haven’t been heard or not heard enough?

Email pitches to Amielle Christopherson:

Details on how to pitch found here:

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