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Thank you for the donations

Filmpool members Mattias Graham and Heather Malek each kindly donated some items to the Filmpool library this past week. Mattias donated a very nice DVD collection of Jacques Drouin’s pinscreen animation works from the NFB. Heather donated several books and magazines on various film-related topics including some great information on editing and post-production.

Thank you so much for the donations, Mattias and Heather! The DVD and books are available in our library for members to borrow.

DVD: “Jacques Drouin: Complete Pinscreen works” Here is Mindscape, 1976

Watch some more of his films here, or read about Jacques Drouin here. Come in to the Filmpool to book out the complete works.

Books: “A to Z Guide to Film Terms” by Tim Moshansky “A Century of Canadian Cinema: Gerald Pratley’s Feature Film Guide 1900 to the present” “The Actor’s Director: Richard Attenborough Behind the Camera” by Andy Doughan “The Film Editing Room Handbook: How to manage the Near Chaos of the Cutting Room” by Norman Hollyn “The Films of Merchant Ivory” by Robert Emmet Long “My Passage from India: A filmmaker’s journey from bombay to hollywood and beyond” by Ismail Merchant “Revolution: The Explosion of World Cinema in the Sixties” by Peter Cowie

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