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Thank you so much for a successful 40th year!

As you likely know, this year was the Filmpool’s 40th anniversary, and like every year before it our primary focus was on supporting our membership and all of the wonderful work that they do.

Whether you’re a producing member, a partnering organization, or a supporter of local art and culture, thank you so much for everything you did to help us make our 40th a great and memorable year.

It was wonderful to see past membership and staff alongside the current crop sharing memories and experiences at both our birthday celebration in March, and our Wheat Soup unveiling at Bushwakker in September. It was also very encouraging to continue to see a strong and inspiring crop of independent films at our screening events throughout the year, including the Screening Under the Steeple at the Cathedral Village Arts festival, and of course at the Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards last month.

Thank you so much to the enthusiastic up and coming filmmakers that filled our summer Film Camp again this year, as well as the parents who give their children the opportunity to express themselves and share their ideas with the world.

Of course we could go on for pages and pages, but to sum it up we just want to say thank you to EVERYBODY who helped make the Filmpool’s 40th year one of the best ever and we’re excited to make next year, and 40 more after that just as fruitful as well.

Thank you so much, and see you in 2018!

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