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Great Saskatchewan short video challenges: Vacation Footage

Vacation Challenge small 02 coloured

A series of quests for visionary adventurers.

First challenge:

Take some vacation footage and turn it into a short film.

Think of this not so much as a highly polished artistic endeavour, but as a fun way to encourage yourself to develop your skills and style, to use the hours of footage you’ve shot throughout your travels, and to create an active media creation environment with fellow filmmakers in Saskatchewan.

Notes / Ideas:

  1. Set it to music (just make sure you have the proper rights and give credit). This may help you get a rhythm/mood for the piece.

  2. It can be a slideshow of static images.

  3. Don’t feel pressure to create something perfect. It can even be submitted anonymously (just make a new Vimeo account for your alter ego).

Head on over to the

Vimeo group to submit, leave comments or provide feedback for the submissions here on the Filmpool’s site, or check us out on Facebook or Reddit to discuss the event. What kind of challenge would you like to see in the future?


  1. Be kind.

  2. Rise to the challenge. Complete a film.

  3. No time limits (it can even be 5 seconds long!). Recommended: 60 seconds.

  4. No prizes, but you do gain 50 Experience points to put towards: Editing, Distribution, or Social skills.

  5. No entry fee either.

  6. You do not have to be a Filmpool member, but why not become part of the co-op?

If you want, you are welcome to follow this naming convention to keep things organized and searchable: Film Title – A SK Challenge: Vacation Footage Short Film And put in your description: Created for the SK Challenge: SK Challenge theme: Vacation Footage

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